Oil Change Service


We provide certified oil changes at our service center at Richard Lucas Subaru.

Certified Subaru Oil Change Services in Woodbridge Township, NJ

An oil change is a straightforward service, but it has lasting consequences for your car. If you perform regular oil changes, you preserve the protections and lubrication that your engine needs, helping it to take less wear. If you don’t get regular oil changes and put off changing the oil, you can risk severe damage to your engine due to poor oil, less oil than needed, and corrosion. That’s why we provide certified oil changes at our service center at Richard Lucas Subaru.

Conventional Oil Change

Conventional oil is what you would think of when you hear the phrase “motor oil.” It’s the standard oil that’s been used in cars for generations, and it protects and lubricates your engine for the shortest amount of time before it needs to be replaced.

Synthetic Oil Change

Synthetic oil is a type of oil that’s been chemically bolstered to optimize its performance in your vehicle. This optimization leads to a longer life in your engine, which is why synthetic oils don’t need to be changed as often and can save you money because you’re changing your oil less.

Semi-Synthetic Oil Change

A semi-synthetic oil change involves changing your oil for a semi-synthetic blend of synthetic and conventional oils. This aims to provide you with some of the longevity of synthetic oil at a more budget-friendly price.

Diesel Oil Change

Diesel engines operate at a much higher temperature and pressure than standard combustion engines. Because of this, they need a specific oil, diesel oil, tailored to those conditions.

We’re Proud to Provide OEM Parts

When you get your oil changed, both your oil and your oil filter are replaced. These parts are necessary for the proper functioning of your car, which is why you want the very best parts to replace them. The best part to replace those parts is an OEM part, the same type of part used to assemble your car. OEM parts are the best parts you can use, as they were designed specifically for your vehicle, and we’re happy to provide them for you.

Come to Richard Lucas Subaru for Your Oil Change Needs

We’re the premier providers of Subaru oil change services for Woodbridge Township, Carteret, Perth Amboy, Elizabeth, and the surrounding areas. Our certified technicians are trained and educated to know exactly what your car needs and can give you the very best service. Our comfortable waiting area is ready for you to relax in, so set up your appointment with our online service scheduler or by phone today!