Notable Safety Features Of The Subaru Forester

May 14th, 2021 by

Subaru has had a long-standing reputation for safety, from the introduction of standard AWD in all of its models back in the 1980s to the bevy of technology at work in its modern lineup today. From the lowliest Impreza to the highest trim Ascent, each Subaru has been engineered from the ground up to be nothing less than a modern marvel in the field of safety. The Forester, in particular, has a well-deserved cult following, and at your local Subraru Forester dealer, you can test drive the newest example to see how it might fit into your lifestyle and expectations.

However, there is only so much that a short test drive can really tell you. It’s simply not possible to keep in mind all the safety features at play that are working overtime so that you don’t have to. Sensors and cameras scan the road ahead to inform you of dangers you might not be aware of. Even the power windows are designed with anti-pinch technology to ensure fingers are not accidentally hurt by the glass rolling up. We invite you to take a look at all the Subaru Forester has to offer. Here is a comprehensive list of each of the safety features that can be found on the Forester and the trims they can be had on.

EyeSight Driver Assist

  • Two cameras are nestled up near the rearview mirror and point outward towards the street, feeding a constant stream of data into the car’s computer. This advanced system gives you peace of mind, letting you know that your car is always looking out for you. The EyeSight system facilitates many other great technologies and allows them all to work together to give you unparalleled peace of mind on the road.
  • Adaptive Cruise Control: The EyeSight system will automatically modulate the throttle to keep you a preset distance away from the vehicle in front of you when you are cruising down the highway. That isn’t to say the car will drive itself, far from it, as one needs to be mindful to make any turns and press the brakes when necessary.
  • Pre-Collision Throttle Management / Braking: The EyeSight system monitors the road ahead, and if it senses an obstruction coming too close to the front of the car, it will begin to cut off gas to the engine. In an extreme emergency, like the car in front of you coming to a full and unexpected stop, the pre-collision system will apply the brakes and stop the car for you.
  • Lane Keep Assist and Sway Warning: All drivers will wander in their lane at some point because no one is perfect. The EyeSight system watches the lines on the road to determine the lane the car occupies. If the car detects that you are beginning to move out of your lane without signaling, the car will beep to remind you to self-correct. If this doesn’t happen quickly enough, the car can maneuver back into place on its own, potentially preventing a dangerous accident.

Blind Spot Detection

While the Forester’s standard EyeSight technology is fairly comprehensive, there are even more systems available on the higher trims. Blind-Spot Detection uses sensors to watch your blind spots and alert you to danger with a blinking signal on your side mirrors. No matter how attentive one is while driving, there will also be places you simply can’t see. Roof pillars are getting thicker to aid in rollover protection, making it harder to see around one’s car as a result. A system like Subaru’s Blind-Spot Detection is all but a necessity on today’s roads.

Rear Cross-Traffic Alert

Objects that are approaching from either side while the car is in reverse are monitored by sensors located in the rear bumper. They will send a signal to the driver to let them know something is approaching so that you don’t back into oncoming traffic. Even better, this valuable system is bundled with Blind-Spot Detection, giving you two for one.

Reverse Automatic Braking

If there is an obstacle behind you when you are reversing, the Forester can apply the brakes on its own, stopping you from hitting or rolling over whatever just popped up. This feature is standard only on the Touring trim, though it can be optioned in on the Sport and Limited trim.

Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive

While advanced driver-assist features are important, they don’t mean much if the car cannot perform mechanically. That is why every Subaru model (other than the rear-wheel drive BRZ sports car) comes standard with Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive. Unlike some all-wheel drive systems that only kick in after you have started slipping, Subaru’s system is always active, preventing wheel slip from happening. It allows the Forester to remain secure and planted in almost any driving conditions in a way that you’re not likely to find in any other brand of car, even if they offer all-wheel drive as an option.

For even greater control in the worst conditions, simply engage X-MODE. This setting optimizes the transmission, engine output, and Vehicle Dynamics Control system to keep you in control. Some trims of the Forest offer an additional X-MODE setting specifically for deep snow and mud, which can be invaluable if you find yourself in a winter storm or venture too far off-road. The Forester even offers Hill Descent Control, a feature that is usually only found in off-road vehicles, allowing you to drive down the steepest slopes securely.

Subaru Starlink Safety and Security System

This offers you an array of services all connected to your smartphone that allow you to stay in touch with your car. The Automatic Collision Notification is a particularly valuable system that will automatically alert Subaru when an airbag is deployed, ensuring you promptly receive the help that you require. If you need help with a less serious problem, such as a flat tire, you can manually send out an SOS signal and get roadside assistance headed your way. This unique and handy system can be had on every Subaru model sold today.

Ring-Shaped Reinforcement Frame

The frame of every Subaru since 2002 has utilized this technology which involves several layers of steel acting in concrete to strengthen key parts of the car. This allows them to resist severe impact and protect the occupants. Subarus have long been famed for their ability to survive all kinds of incredible circumstances when lesser cars would not have. Combined with the low-slung Boxer engine designed to go under the floorboard in the event of a frontal collision, Subarus are extremely crash-safe. If all the above-mentioned safety features prove unable to avoid an accident, you can be sure your Forester will keep you and your family safe as a last line of defense that we hope will never be needed.

What Peace Of Mind Drives Like

Now that you know all the safety features at work behind the scenes of every Forester, perhaps that will give you greater peace of mind that the car you’re driving is, without a doubt, one of the safest on the road today. It is the type of car you can drive for years, secure in the knowledge that you can take on anything in your Forester. We encourage you to stop by our dealership today to test drive the Forester for yourself.